The Xarco beaches

It’s one beach really, but divided in the middle into a Dog-free and a Dogs-allowed section. Dogs are below the old watch tower. Not an easy beach to get to from the N332 as you aren’t allowed to turn left into the entrance. Best to go past it, find a spot to turn round, and approach it from the South.








1. Platja Del Torres / Torres Beach


2. Platja El Tio Roig / The blonde guy’s Beach



3. Playa de los Estudiantes /The Students’ Beach

4. Platja El Varadero / The Shipyard Beach


5. Playa Central de La Vila Joiosa / Villajoiosa Beach


6. Puntes del Moro / The Moors’ Beach


7. Platja del Paradís / Paradise Beach

8. Platja del Bol Nou / Bol Nou Beach

9. Playa de L’Esparralló / Esparralló Beach

10. Platja de la Caleta / Beach of the little bay

11. Cala El Xarco / Charco Bay

12. Xarco Platja Can / Xarco Dogs’ Beach