Sella Weather

Sella weather : Cormorants at La Caleta

Sella weather down at the coast

Just below La Caleta, Cormorants gathered to take the sun…

Sella weather :This year September did exactly what it should – marked the end of summer by a noticeable drop in daytime and nighttime temperatures.  After  weeks of sweltering over-30c days when we just couldn’t work.. Now we have to get things done! The tourist industry continues in disarray and decline here in Spain. After a brief flurry of visitors in August, we do not expect  any more clients., Certainly not our traditional groups of climbers from northern Europe. Oh well,  the quiet life beckons! Now , my SEO software, that’s Srarch Engine Optimisation, tells me I need more words here – can’t think why or why it’s a good idea, I’ve said all I wanted to say, but you can’t argue with the SEO masters, so I’m adding completely unnecessary content to try for a haigher rating. Wish me luck!!