Sella Village

Sella village is a delight: it has six bar/restaurants, two shops and two wood-fired bakeries. There are two cash machines, a Chemist´s, a daily doctor´s surgery – and about 636 very friendly locals! New walking routes, hundreds of climbs on the Sella crags… why look elsewhere for your holiday accommodation ?


Wood-fired bakeries


   Bank machines

Sella village is a delight. There are  6 bar/restaurants, two shops , two wood-fired bakeries, two banks, a Chemist´s, a daily doctor´s surgery. And about 636 very friendly locals! Most months there’ s a Fiesta, a concert, a Pilota game in the Plaza.

There´s no shortage of culture, sport and music. The village band, L´Unió Musical Aurora de Sella, has over 30 musicians and plays at local Fiestas, concerts and even off in Valencia City at the amazing City of Arts and Sciences Concert Hall. Miquel Morales Climent, the young and very talented musical director, also plays in Komfusió, a very successful Valencian Rock band.

Sella  really punches above its weight in the Valencian National sport of Pilota – a sort of street squash-cum-fives-cum-tennis game played with huge energy and passion in various streets and Plazas of the region. Football is important but it´s Pilota Valenciana that really has the youth of the village excited and engaged. The two brothers Pablo and Jesus are national and International performers and champions at various levels and the youth team and pilota school  has won renown and applause across the region. A big game in the Plaça is a massive event! has many more details about the village, the shops, the swimming pool etc. Also more information about ALL the accommodation available in Sella. The website  was started as  a co-operative venture a couple of years ago by the Sella Tourist Forum  to try to publicise  all that the village has to offer. Go on, check it out and recommend it to your friends!

Eating and Drinking in Sella

There are six Bar/Restaurants in the village . Paco’s and Casino in the main square, Ferrería, Bar María and Fonda down on the main road. In the summer months, the Bar Piscina up at the pool (10 minutes walk along the main road) . Tapas, good beer, late nights at the weekend.. Paco’s is the liveliest and has the best tapas. Ferrería is the youngest and newest and Toni in the Casino Bar speaks some English. María’s has a great terrace and she does good paellas. Up at Bar Piscina you have great views and the pool in July and August. Mercedes’ Bar Fonda is a fine, green cave of a dining room. Generations of International guests have sent decorative tea-towels from their home town. Now all on display around the walls.

Bar kitchens are usually open to serve food and snacks from mid morning to 15:30 and again from about 19:30 or 20:00. Sella people expect lunch at about 14:30 and dinner at 21:00 – no evening meals in María’s or Fonda. If you’re arriving late to the village it might not be possible to get food at any of the bars – please make sure you buy provisions on the way up, just in case!

  -Shopping in the Village

There are two mini-markets where you can get most things, though the range is limited. Diego’s Tandy shop in the main square has fridges with beer and water, and carries a surprisingly wide range of goods for such a small shop.  Like the other general store, Pepi’s supermarket out on Valencia street,  Diego’s is a butcher’s. Good bread in Forn Secanet and better at Santamaría (and take your camera!) where the ovens are still wood fired. Buy bread (or almond cake, coca de almendra) about 09:00 or 10:00 in the morning. The shops open from 08:00 to 14:00 and then from 17:00 to 20:30 (more or less). There is a Chemist’s in the Plaza Mayor.- , near Paco’s Bar  (opens about 10:00-14:00 and 1700-1900) and if the drug you need is not in stock, it will be delivered that afternoon. The two banks in the Plaza, Sabadell and Cajamar,both have ATMs.