Caleta and L'Esparralló

La Caleta is the beach below the Montiboli Hotel, beyond Paraíso.  It’s a small beach with a fine big rock in the middle, ideal for swimming round! L’Esparralló is   only reachable by swimming round. 


Xarco beaches

Xarco or Charco beach with its ancient watchtower – a splendid and isolated beach with  a dog section!

Villajoiosa beaches

Villajoiosa / La Vila Joiosa has 5 beaches – some just rocky coves, and the main beach a glorious kilometre of golden sand. There’s also a fishing harbour to visit. 

Paraiso Beach

Paraiso beach, just to the South of La Vila Joiosa, stretches a sandy kilometre from the campsite almost to Bol Nou beach.


Torres Beach

A secluded spot, shaded by Eucalyptus trees and just beside the wonderful Trébol Cafe/bar. Our favourite.

The Beaches of Sella…

Well, OK, we’re 16 km inland and 1200 feet up the mountainside, so we keep our beaches down at the coast where the splendid people of La Vila Joiosa ( Joyful Town ) watch over them for us.

La Vila say they have 13 beaches – well, I’ve got photos and details of 12 of them, but sometimes the same beach goes by  several names – it’s quite possible I just missed one .

You’ll find photos of these beaches, going from North to South ( local names are sometimes in Valencian, sometimes Spanish..)


1. Platja Del Torres / Torres Beach


2. Platja El Tio Roig / The blonde guy’s Beach



3. Playa de los Estudiantes /The Students’ Beach

4. Platja El Varadero / The Shipyard Beach


5. Playa Central de La Vila Joiosa / Villajoiosa Beach


6. Puntes del Moro / The Moors’ Beach


7. Platja del Paradís / Paradise Beach

8. Platja del Bol Nou / Bol Nou Beach

9. Playa de L’Esparralló / Esparralló Beach

10. Platja de la Caleta / Beach of the little bay

11. Cala El Xarco / Charco Bay

12. Xarco Platja Can / Xarco Dogs’ Beach