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About Us

Steve  first came to Sella in 1989 when the very first ” Casaroc” was set up. Many generations of climbers remember the old house fondly – it was a bit rough and the roof leaked but it saw a lot of action  from the UK climbing community!

In  2005, Liz and Steve together set about rebuilding, renovating and relaunching. The ruin behind the original house was restored and provided with a big terrace and a proper bathroom. That´s now Casaroc, while the original house had everything modernised and made more comfortable. That´s now what we call Roc House and is where we live.

Liz and Steve have just (2020) moved back into Roc House and had various improvements done – including a bannister stair-rail for Casaroc.

Liz plays the Txirimita / Dolçaina in three different groups down in La Vila Joiosa and also studies the oboe – busy! Steve has a small smallholding ( Huerta ) down in the valley near the mill where he wrestles with nature and grows beans, onions, potatoes, spinach – anything he can find seedlings for.

Liz now plays the Xirimita, an ancient Valencian instrument a bit like a recorder with an oboe-like reed, sometimes with the Sella band in  Moors and Christians processions like here in Busot .