About Us

Steve  first came to Sella in 1989 when the very first ” Casaroc” was set up. Many generations of climbers remember the old house fondly – it was a bit rough and the roof leaked but it saw a lot of action  from the UK climbing community!

In  2005, Liz and Steve together set about rebuilding and  renovating. The ruin behind the original house was restored and provided with a big terrace and a proper bathroom. That´s now Casaroc, while the original house had everything modernised and made more comfortable. That´s now what we call Roc House and now that we no longer rent our houses, we live in both Casaroc and Roc House.

 We’ve had had various improvements done – including a bannister stair-rail for Casaroc and a permanent pergola / roof for both terraces.

Liz plays the Txirimita / Dolçaina in two different groups down in La Vila Joiosa and also studies the oboe – busy! 

Liz now plays the Xirimita, an ancient Valencian instrument a bit like a recorder with an oboe-like reed, sometimes with the Sella band in  Moors and Christians processions like here in Busot .